December 2017

Lindsay Mack (December 2017)

Iowa State University boasts a wide array of student leaders working toward a sustainable future.Though we normally visualize these leaders in classes, laboratories or clubs, a unique group of students is sustaining the future by working as Peer Wellness Educators in Student Wellness, a division of Health Services. This group of student leaders plan, implement and evaluate strategies and programming to address health, well-being and safety on campus in order to ensure wellness and a socially-just future.

Lindsey Mack, an ISU junior studying environmental science and environmental studies is one of these leaders. Since her arrival at Iowa State, she has had a growing interest in holistic health and wellness. Mack wanted to find a way to enhance student success on campus through higher learning, sense of belonging and holistic wellness.

“I wanted to enable other students to find balance in all dimensions of well-being to achieve their goals in college and beyond,” Mack stated.

That is when Mack decided to become a Peer Wellness Educator (PWE). PWEs are trained to promote student wellness and success through educational programs, as well as advocate and provide outreach for students. PWEs also advocate for environmental and policy changes that support student success and well-being.

Wanting to help students learn and grow through opportunities, Mack also joined the program to enhance her own leadership in the knowledge of wellness and health.

“I wanted to be a part of enhancing the culture on our campus...but I wanted to grow in the process, as well.”

Mack’s passion of holistic health and wellness can inspire you to get involved in what you are doing for your own wellness. Iowa State University has a wide variety of amenities to aid students’ mental and physical wellness, ways to cope with stress and programs that can help with anything from writing guidance to counseling to volunteer opportunities.

Through amenities such as Student Wellness, the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and the Office of Equal Opportunity, students are provided resources to become educated, engaged and empowered in vital components specifically social sustainability.

Finding balance and wellness can be one of the biggest stressors for college students. PWEs are trained to help students
find ways to balance and develop skills to benefit them now and after they leave Iowa State University.

Mack noted how many opportunities there are to get involved in social justice and wellness by joining clubs and taking part in events and campaigns. She personally is involved in a vast amount of activities outside of being a PWE, such as serving as president of the Environmental Science Club, a Peer Mentor for the Science of the Environment and Sustainable Systems (SESS) Learning Community and a member of Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE.)

“I actively try to learn about how to create healthy and livable communities.”

Her passion for wellness and health are propelling her vision of a socially- sustainable future. After graduation, Mack plans to continue creating healthy and livable communities by actively pursing opportunities to support and enhance sustainability policy and education wherever her adventure takes her.