Bergstrom Indoor Practice Facility Space Reconfiguration

Project Description:

This project creates two separate spaces within the Bergstrom Indoor Practice Facility, which began as one open area of 92,000 sp. ft. Through the installation of a door/wall system at the facility’s entrance lobby, two functional areas, whose indoor comfort environments can be maintained independently and on an as-needed basis, were created.

In addition to the incorporation of a separation system, careful consideration and research was completed with energy efficiency consultants to ensure the doors of this system, as well as the installation hardware and design configurations, achieve the highest level of energy conservation feasible within the project scope.

Project Contact:

Mike Andresen, 515-294-2983,

Project Financials:

Loan Amount: $30,000

Return on Investment: Expected annual savings equals $6,000/year with a payback period of 5 years. The savings will come from reduced heating and climate control costs, resulting from the reduction of a 92,000 sq. ft. environmentally-constant space to one of 2, 250 sq. ft.

Project Outcomes:

In addition to the annual budget savings for ISU and Iowa taxpayers, this project serves as a demonstration that will be disseminated throughout Iowa State University's existing buildings utilizing large area activity spaces.

Because Iowa State University is a leading international, comprehensive institution of higher education with a wide range of dynamic and diverse programs and initiatives, the utilization of large, multi-functional spaces is imperative. Whether to have spaces such as this is non-negotiable; however, how they are managed is. This project provides a great showcasing opportunity to illustrate how considerable energy conservation opportunities and operational savings will be achieved through very simple means for campus departments and facilities that are managing large area activity spaces. As well as highlighting a thoughtful approach to conservation and operational savings, this project is a testament to ensuring the most efficient and effective use of a very important, value-added commodity at Iowa State University – space.

Project Status:



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