Purchasing: Economic Sustainability 

  • ISU Procurement Services considers the "total value" of goods and services before making any purchase. The life cycle cost, rather than the initial cost, is considered, which takes into account maintenance, repair and energy costs, as well as purchase price and setup costs.
  • Procurement Services keeps purchases local, which is good for both Iowa and its small businesses. Local business purchases have supported local industries and producers in areas such as food, cleaning products and supplies, as well as remodeling and trade skills.
  • In support of local economies and businesses, only plants and trees from nurseries located within 250 miles of Ames are planted on campus. 
  • Procurement Services uses cyBUY, which is designed to allow for the procurement of supplies and equipment from contracted vendors in a streamlined, online marketplace available through AccessPlus. Using cyBUY saves time by creating less paperwork, as well as decreases labor costs.

“When we make purchases, not only are we looking at the impact of shorter transportation distances or using recyclable materials, but we’re trying to use local vendors. We want to support Iowa and the local economy by helping small businesses thrive and survive.”

-Cory Harms, Associate Director of Purchasing